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Identification of Acetobacter strains isolated from Indonesian sources, and proposals of Acetobacter syzygii sp. nov., Acetobacter cibinongensis sp. nov., and Acetobacter orientalis sp. nov.
Forty-six strains of acetic acid bacteria newly isolated from flowers, fruits, and fermented foods collected in Indonesia were taxonomically studied. They were Gram-negative rods, produced aceticExpand
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Reclassification of Gluconacetobacter hansenii strains and proposals of Gluconacetobacter saccharivorans sp. nov. and Gluconacetobacter nataicola sp. nov.
Ten strains previously assigned to Acetobacter hansenii (=Gluconacetobacter hansenii), Acetobacter pasteurianus LMG 1584 and eight reference strains of the genus Gluconacetobacter were reclassifiedExpand
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Systematic study of the genus Acetobacter with descriptions of Acetobacter indonesiensis sp. nov., Acetobacter tropicalis sp. nov., Acetobacter orleanensis (Henneberg 1906) comb. nov., Acetobacter
Thirty-one Acetobacter strains obtained from culture collections and 45 Acetobacter strains isolated from Indonesian sources were investigated for their phenotypic characteristics, ubiquinoneExpand
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Diversity of acetic acid bacteria in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines
A total of 331 strains of acetic acid bacteria were isolated from Indonesian, Thai, and Philippine sources using five enrichment media at pH 3.5. All isolates were subjected to the study of theExpand
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Kozakia baliensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel acetic acid bacterium in the alpha-proteobacteria.
Four bacterial strains were isolated from palm brown sugar and ragi collected in Bali and Yogyakarta, Indonesia, by an enrichment culture approach for acetic acid bacteria. Phylogenetic analysisExpand
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Actinokineospora baliensis sp. nov., Actinokineospora cibodasensis sp. nov. and Actinokineospora cianjurensis sp. nov., isolated from soil and plant litter.
Six actinomycete strains isolated from soil and plant-litter samples in Indonesia were studied for their taxonomic position by using a polyphasic approach. Phylogenetically, all the strains wereExpand
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Dietzia timorensis sp. nov., isolated from soil.
An actinomycete strain, ID05-A0528(T), was isolated using the SDS-yeast extract pre-treatment method from soil under mahogany (Swietenia mahogani) trees in West Timor, Indonesia, and was examined byExpand
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Actinomycete Nonomuraea sp. isolated from Indonesian soil is a new producer of inulin fructotransferase.
An actinomycete that excretes inulin fructotransferase to the culture supernatant was able to produce di-d-fructofuranose 1,2':2,3' dianhydride (DFA III) from inulin, with the greatest rate of enzymeExpand
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Actinophytocola timorensis sp. nov. and Actinophytocola corallina sp. nov., isolated from soil.
Two actinomycete strains, ID05-A0653(T) and ID06-A0464(T), were isolated from soils of West Timor and Lombok island, respectively, in Indonesia. 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis clearly demonstratedExpand
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