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Parenting at home and away
In recent years it has become more and more common for one or other parent, more often the father, to spend time away from home for work reasons. Fast and easy travel means that new opportunitiesExpand
Promoting Resilience in Young Children
Resilience is the ability to cope in spite of adversity. Many of the risk factors and resilience factors occur in early childhood. Resilience can be used as a way to minimize negative events thatExpand
Your child from one to ten
A book for parents, covering the pre-school and primary years, that provides fascinating information on development without interspersing advice. The second edition has been completely revised andExpand
Babies and bathwater
Some educational authorities have taken the word 'needs' out of planning and assessment guidelines, at least in headings, focusing only on strengths and abilities. Clearly it is important forExpand
Ten blue wrens and what a lot of wattle! [Book Review]
Review(s) of: Ten blue wrens and what a lot of wattle!, by Elizabeth Honey, Allen and Unwin (2011), RRP $24.99 - Hardcover.
Your Child from One to Ten: Second Edition
Imagine a city [Book Review]
Review(s) of: Imagine a city, by Elise Hurst, Scholastic Australia (2014), RRP $24.95 - Hardback, ECA Code: SUND576.
Nog and the land of noses [Book Review]
Review(s) of: Nog and the land of noses, by Bruce Whately, Scholastic (2011), RRP $26.99 - Paperback.
The Rainbow Book [Book Review]
Review(s) of: The Rainbow Book, by Kate Ohrt, Accord Publishing, Denver (2011), RRP $14.95 - Paperback.