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The synthesis and in vitro cytotoxic studies of novel bis-naphthalimidopropyl polyamine derivatives.
  • P. Lin, V. Pavlov
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters
  • 17 July 2000
The increased content of nitrogen atoms in the linker chain of BNIPSpd and BNIPOPut significantly improved their aqueous dissolution properties with a marginal decrease in their cytotoxic activity. Expand
Synthesis and duplex stability of oligonucleotides containing adenine-guanine analogues.
The melting transitions (Tm) show that the 17-mer duplexes containing Z.T and Z.C base-pairs have closely similar stabilities, as have those containing K.C pairs, which are less stable than the corresponding fully complementary duplexe, but more stable than those containing mismatched pairs. Expand
Differential effects of polyamine derivative compounds against Leishmania infantum promastigotes and axenic amastigotes.
Data shows for the first time that polyamine derivatives may act differentially on the Leishmania parasite stages, and shows that the drugs had the capacity to induce the death of promastigotes by a mechanism that shares many features with metazoan apoptosis. Expand
Synthesis and biological activities of bisnaphthalimido polyamines derivatives: cytotoxicity, DNA binding, DNA damage and drug localization in breast cancer MCF 7 cells.
BNIPSpd, BNIPSpm and BNIPOSpm induce DNA damage consistent with their rate of uptake into the cells as well as other cytotoxic bisnaphthalimido compounds previously reported. Expand
Anti-leishmanial activity of the bisnaphthalimidopropyl derivatives.
BNIPdiaminooctane (BNIPDaoct) was more effective to treat leishmaniasis in a short course treatment than the standard amphotericin B and no indications of hematological toxicity were detected as evaluated by the hemoglobin, hematocrit, white and red blood cell counts, hence making BNIPdaoct a potential therapeutic agent against leish maniasis. Expand
The Use of Nano Polymeric Self-Assemblies Based on Novel Amphiphilic Polymers for Oral Hydrophobic Drug Delivery
Dansyl10 exhibited universal drug solubiliser property and had significantly improved prednisolone, griseofulvin and propofol solubility by 145, 557 and 224-fold, respectively, while Fmoc polymers resulted in modest drug Solubility improvement. Expand
Cytotoxicity and cell death mechanisms induced by a novel bisnaphthalimidopropyl derivative against the NCI-H460 non-small lung cancer cell line.
BNIP derivatives with a novel structural backbone, such as BNIPDaCHM, may have potential as building blocks for novel antitumour agents which might selectively bind to hSIRT-2. Expand
Poly(allylamine) magnetomicelles for image guided drug delivery.
This work was funded by the Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine and the School of Pharmacy, Keele University. The NMR and ICP-OES analysis was carried out in the Lennard-JonesExpand
Synthesis and X-ray structures of Ni and Zn complexes of a novel oxa-azamacrocyclic system
Abstract The Ni (5) and Zn (6) complexes of a novel oxa-azamacrocycle (4) were obtained from the reaction of 4 and the metal chlorides in equimolar amounts. The Ni complex 5 was isolated, in theExpand