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Sources and fate of atmospheric HCl in the U.K. and Western Europe
Abstract Man-made HCl emissions to the atmosphere from the U.K. are discussed and estimated at 260 kt a−1. Estimates for 12 other W European countries are also given and the total emission for theseExpand
Taxonomy and distribution of the subantarctic species of Tortula
Abstract The nine Tortula species and two varieties known from the islands of the subantarctic botanical zone are distinguished in a key. New synonymy, taxonomic notes and illustrations are providedExpand
Taxonomic notes on New Zealand species of Tortula
Abstract T. bealeyensis R. Br. ter, is reduced to synonymy with T. anderssonii Angstr. and T. paehyneura Dix. to synonymy with Barbula ealobolax C. Mull.B. calobolax and B. calobolax var.Expand
Time to call a limit on transport carbon
Neither aviation nor shipping fit comfortably into a framework designed to tackle greenhouse gas emissions on a state-by state basis. The Kyoto Protocol omitted them from the inventory that Annex 1Expand