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Solid‐Solution Phase Formation Rules for Multi‐component Alloys
The factors of the atomic size difference Delta and the enthalpy of mixing ΔH mιx of the multi-component alloys were summarized from the literatures. The formation zones of solid-solution phases,Expand
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Refractory high-entropy alloys
Abstract Two refractory high-entropy alloys with near-equiatomic concentrations, W–Nb–Mo–Ta and W–Nb–Mo–Ta–V, were produced by vacuum arc melting. Despite containing many constituents both alloysExpand
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Twinning–detwinning behavior during the strain-controlled low-cycle fatigue testing of a wrought magnesium alloy, ZK60A
The twinning and detwinning behavior in a strongly textured magnesium alloy was investigated using in situ neutron diffraction during the cyclic deformation along the prior extrusion direction at theExpand
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Microstructure and Compressive Properties of NbTiVTaAlx High Entropy Alloys
Abstract The novel refractory high entropy alloys with the compositions of NbTiVTaAlx were prepared under a high-purity argon atmosphere and their microstructure and compressive properties at roomExpand
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High-entropy Alloys with High Saturation Magnetization, Electrical Resistivity, and Malleability
Soft magnetic materials (SMMs) find important applications in a number of areas. The diverse requirements for these applications are often demanding and challenging for the design and fabrication ofExpand
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Alloy Design and Properties Optimization of High-Entropy Alloys
This article reviews the recent work on the high-entropy alloys (HEAs) in our group and others. HEAs usually contain five or more elements, and thus, the phase diagram of HEAs is often not availableExpand
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Fatigue behavior of Al0.5CoCrCuFeNi high entropy alloys
Abstract Research was performed on an Al 0.5 CoCrCuFeNi high entropy alloy (HEA) in an attempt to study the fatigue behavior. The present fatigue investigation shows encouraging fatigue resistanceExpand
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Tensile deformation micromechanisms for bulk metallic glass matrix composites: From work-hardening to softening
Abstract A Ti-based bulk metallic glass matrix composite (BMGMC) with a homogeneous distribution of dendrites and the composition of Ti 46 Zr 20 V 12 Cu 5 Be 17 is characterized by a high tensileExpand
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Texture evolution of five wrought magnesium alloys during route A equal channel angular extrusion: Experiments and simulations
Abstract Equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) has been demonstrated to induce unusual deformation textures and resulting properties in magnesium alloys, such as the remarkably enhanced roomExpand
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The effects of texture and extension twinning on the low-cycle fatigue behavior of a rolled magnesium alloy, AZ31B
Abstract The effect of texture on the low-cycle fatigue behavior of a rolled magnesium alloy, AZ31B, was studied at room temperature. It is shown that the Coffin–Manson and Basquin relationships canExpand
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