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Pore throat structure and fractal characteristics of tight oil sandstone: A case study in the Ordos Basin, China
Abstract Pore throat structure is a significant factor controlling the properties of reservoir. Evaluation of the pore throat structure is also important for the exploration and development of tightExpand
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Determination of Critical Shear Stresses for Erosion and Deposition Based on In Situ Measurements of Currents and Waves over an Intertidal Mudflat
ABSTRACT Shi, B.; Wang, Y.P.; Yang, Y.; Li, M.; Li, P.; Ni, W., and Gao, J., 2015. Determination of critical shear stresses for erosion and deposition based on in situ measurements of currents andExpand
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Concept for a Future Super Proton-Proton Collider
Author(s): Tang, Jingyu; Berg, J Scott; Chai, Weiping; Chen, Fusan; Chen, Nian; Chou, Weiren; Dong, Haiyi; Gao, Jie; Han, Tao; Leng, Yongbin; Li, Guangrui; Gupta, Ramesh; Li, Peng; Li, Zhihui; Liu,Expand
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Abstract The upper Ediacaran Gaojiashan Lagerstätte (551–541 Ma) in southern Shaanxi Province, South China, hosts a variety of soft-bodied or lightly biomineralized tubular fossils (Shaanxilithes,Expand
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Dynamics of super cloud clusters, westerly wind bursts, 30-60 day oscillations and ENSO - An unified view
Results are presented on numerical experiments that were carried out to investigate the mechanisms of the observed variabilities in wind and convection associated with supercloud clusters (SCCs),Expand
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A model to study the grain size components of the sediment deposited in aeolian–fluvial interplay erosion watershed
Abstract Aeolian–fluvial interplay erosion areas with complex dynamics and physical sources are the main suppliers of coarse sediment in the Yellow River. Understanding the composition, distribution,Expand
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The a-cycle problem for transverse Ising ring
Traditionally, the transverse Ising model is mapped to the fermionic c-cycle problem, which neglects the boundary effect due to thermodynamic limit. If persisting on a perfect periodic boundaryExpand
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Prediction model for gas adsorption capacity of the Lower Ganchaigou Formation in the Qaidam Basin, China
Abstract Adsorbed gas is prevalent in shale, especially in plays in China. Quantitatively predicting the adsorbed gas content is significant for resource assessment and selection of favorable areasExpand
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Directivity and its energy dependence in solar flare energetic emission
  • P. Li
  • Physics
  • 20 April 1995
We have studied 72 solar flares simultaneously observed by the Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (GRS, 0.3-1 MeV) and the Hard X-Ray Burst Spectrometer (HXRBS, 30-500 keV) on the Solar Maximum Mission (SMM).Expand
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