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BATSE observations of gamma-ray burst spectra. I: Spectral diversity
We studied the time-averaged gamma-ray burst spectra accumulated by the spectroscopy detectors of the Burst and Transient Source Experiment. The spectra are described well at low energy by aExpand
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BATSE observations of gamma‐ray burst spectral diversity
The spectra of 58 bursts observed by the BATSE Spectroscopy Detectors were fit satisfactorily from less than 30 keV to more than an MeV by a 4 parameter model consisting of two power laws with aExpand
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The Continuing Decline of Isleno Spanish in Louisiana
ABSTRACT. Isleno Spanish, the dialect of Canary Island descendants living in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, is in attrition after more than 100 years of isolation. The dialect is of interest in theExpand
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Spectral Evolution of Gamma-Ray Bursts
BATSE’s Spectral Detectors provide a series of high resolution spectra over the duration of a gamma‐ray burst; fits to these spectra show the evolution of the continuum as the burst progresses. TheExpand
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Search for gamma‐ray burst spectral features in the Compton GRO BATSE data
The Spectroscopy Detectors (SDs) of the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE) on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO) have seen no convincing line features in Gamma‐Ray Burst (GRB) data,Expand
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The last of the Louisiana décimas
The decima, popular since ita nriain in sixteenlh-cenlury Spain, entered Lonisiana with late eighteenthcentury selitera frnm lie Canary Islanda. These setilera, knnwn as lie islenos, formed aExpand