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Extension of Biot’s theory of wave propagation to frozen porous media
An extension of Biot’s theory is proposed for frozen porous media where the solid substrate, ice particles, and unfrozen water can coexist. Elastic, kinetic, and dissipation energy densities areExpand
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Acoustic probing of the jamming transition in an unconsolidated granular medium.
Experimentally determined dispersion relations for acoustic waves guided along the mechanically free surface of an unconsolidated granular packed structure provide information on the elasticity ofExpand
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On the variations of acoustic absorption peak with particle velocity in micro-perforated panels at high level of excitation.
The acoustic behavior of micro-perforated panels (MPP) is studied theoretically and experimentally at high level of pressure excitation. A model based on Forchheimer's regime of flow velocity in theExpand
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Observation of two longitudinal and two transverse waves in a frozen porous medium
Experimental results on the transmission of elastic waves in a water‐saturated sample of glass powder are presented. Both longitudinal and transverse waves are studied in a temperature range of [−30,Expand
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Hole Interaction Effects under High and Medium Sound Intensities for Micro-Perforated Panels Design
Most models for predicting the acoustic response of perforated panels are based on the assumption that there are no interactions between the holes. This paper investigates the Hole Interaction EffectExpand
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Propagation of acoustic waves in a one-dimensional macroscopically inhomogeneous poroelastic material.
Wave propagation in macroscopically inhomogeneous porous materials has received much attention in recent years. The wave equation, derived from the alternative formulation of Biot's theory of 1962,Expand
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Reconstruction of material properties profiles in one-dimensional macroscopically inhomogeneous rigid frame porous media in the frequency domain.
The present paper deals with the inverse scattering problem involving macroscopically inhomogeneous rigid frame porous media. It consists of the recovery, from acoustic measurements, of the profilesExpand
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Transfer matrix method applied to the parallel assembly of sound absorbing materials.
The transfer matrix method (TMM) is used conventionally to predict the acoustic properties of laterally infinite homogeneous layers assembled in series to form a multilayer. In this work, a parallelExpand
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Acoustic methods for measuring the porosities of porous materials incorporating dead-end pores.
The acoustic properties of porous materials containing dead-end (DE) pores have been proposed by Dupont et al. [J. Appl. Phys. 110, 094903 (2011)]. In the theoretical description, two physicalExpand
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