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Nursing subunit technology: a replication.
Overton, Schneck, and Hazlett's (1977) measurement of nursing subunit technology was replicated using 157 subunits of 9 types located in 24 hospitals in Alberta. A 21-item questionnaire was given toExpand
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Downsizing, Reengineering, and Restructuring: Long‐Term Implications for Healthcare Organizations
Summary This article provides a framework for analyzing how downsizing and reengineering have affected healthcare organizations. These approaches are reviewed, and key tools that have been used, suchExpand
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Is the grass any greener? Canada to United States of America nurse migration.
AIM Little or no attempt has been made to determine why nurses leave Canada, remain outside of Canada, or under what circumstances might return to Canada. The purpose of this study was to gain anExpand
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Spinal loading during circuit weight-training and running.
Spinal shrinkage was used as an indicant of loading on the spine in circuit weight-training and running regimes. The loss of stature during two sets of a circuit of weight-training (n = 10), a 6 kmExpand
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Gone South: why canadian nurses migrate to the United States.
The movement of Canadian nurses to the United States increased over the past decade and is an ongoing concern of health policy analysts. This study examines why Canadian nurses emigrate to the UnitedExpand
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Pay-for-performance in publicly financed healthcare: some international experience and considerations for Canada.
Recent reports in the United States and Canada provide evidence that healthcare systems routinely fail to deliver safe and high-quality healthcare services. Governments and other healthcare payersExpand
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Different systems, different costs? An examination of the comparability of workload measurement systems.
This study examines the equivalence of the hours of care estimates of four patient classification/workload measurement systems. Expand
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Measurement of Staff Empowerment Within Health Service Organizations
A measure of empowerment was developed and its psychometric properties evaluated. Employees (n = 52) of two hospitals participated in semistructured interviews and a pilot test of the researchExpand
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Carbohydrate and Fluid Needs of the Soccer Player
SummarySoccer is a game that demands a combination of repeated maximal sprinting with 10 to 11km of moderate running, sometimes performed under extremely warm conditions. Over the course of a match,Expand
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