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Transplantation of Nanoparticle Transfected Skeletal Myoblasts Overexpressing Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-165 for Cardiac Repair
PEI nanoparticle mediated hVEGF165 gene transfer into HSM is feasible and safe and may serve as a novel and efficient alternative for angiomyogenesis in cardiac repair.
Normal myoblast injections provide genetic treatment for murine dystrophy
Hosts and donors were immunocompatible but exhibited different genotype markers, and presence of GPI‐1CC with or without the hybrid isozyme GPI-IBC in these mucles implied the survival and development of donor myoblasts into normal myofibers, and fusion of normal myoblast with dystrophic satellite cells to form genetically mosaic my ofibers.
Angiomyogenesis for cardiac repair using human myoblasts as carriers of human vascular endothelial growth factor
Human myoblasts are potential transgene carriers for theMyocardium, in addition to strengthening the weakened myocardium through myogenesis, through VEGF165 for angiomyogenesis for cardiac repair.
Cell Transplantation as an Experimental Treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
The results indicate that MTT is safe, MTT improves muscle function in DMD, more than 5 billion myoblasts are necessary to strengthen both lower limbs of a DMD boy between 6 and 14 yr of age, and M TT is more effective in the younger, ambulatory subjects than in the older, nonambulatory subjects.
Myoblast Transfer: The Therapy For Muscular Dystrophy
  • P. Law
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • 1 November 2004
This text is devoted to the development of a treatment for human muscular dystrophies called myoblast transfer therapy. Written by the pioneer of the procedure, the text presents a review with
Emergent Serum Therapy and Antibody Medicine to Counteract Sudden Attacks of COVID-19 and Other Pathogenic Epidemics
The science behind two life-saving protocols to combat COVID-19 and future pathogenic epidemics is presented for immediate implementation.