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NiCo2O4 Spinel: First Report on a Transition Metal Oxide for the Negative Electrode of Sodium-Ion Batteries
This is the first time that a mixed transition metal oxide is used for the negative electrode of a sodium-ion battery. The NiCo2O4 spinel was prepared by thermal decomposition of oxalate precursorsExpand
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Benefits of Chromium Substitution in Na3V2(PO4)3 as a Potential Candidate for Sodium‐Ion Batteries
The effect of low-level chromium substitution in Na3V2-xCrx(PO4)3 (0≤x≤0.4), a potential cathode material in Na-ion cells, has been examined. A suitable synthesis procedure is developed to obtainExpand
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Carbon black: a promising electrode material for sodium-ion batteries
The reactions of sodium with non-porous carbon blacks have been studied. These materials show a high reversible capacity in sodium-ion batteries. The presence of disordered layers and the low densityExpand
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Improved Energy Storage Solution Based on Hybrid Oxide Materials
Electrodeposited-oxidized FeCoNi-based electrodes have shown to exhibit enhanced electrochemical behavior in Li cells in terms of first-cycle reversibility and minimal discharge polarization onExpand
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Sol–gel preparation of cobalt manganese mixed oxides for their use as electrode materials in lithium cells
Abstract An ethanol dehydration procedure has been used to precipitate gel-like citrate precursors containing cobalt and manganese transition metal ions. Further annealing led to the Mn x Co 3− x O 4Expand
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N-doped monolithic carbon aerogel electrodes with optimized features for the electrosorption of ions
Abstract N-doped carbon aerogels were synthesized by the polycondensation of resorcinol–formaldehyde–melamine mixtures. The prepolymerization of the precursors was determinant for the preparation ofExpand
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Formation and Oxidation of Nanosized Metal Particles by Electrochemical Reaction of Li and Na with NiCo2O4: X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Study
X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy (XANES) and extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectroscopy have been used to investigate the electrochemical reactions of NiCo2O4 in lithium andExpand
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A novel method for metal oxide deposition on carbon aerogels with potential application in capacitive deionization of saline water
Abstract Carbon aerogels doped with manganese or iron oxides were prepared by the resorcinol-formaldehyde method as potential electrodes for the capacitive deionization of sodium chloride from salineExpand
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