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[Detection of microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer].
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[Identification and management of HNPCC syndrome (hereditary non polyposis colon cancer), hereditary predisposition to colorectal and endometrial adenocarcinomas].
BACKGROUND The HNPCC syndrome (hereditary non polyposis colon cancer) is an inherited condition defined by clinical and genealogical information, known as Amsterdam criteria. In about 70% of cases,Expand
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[Recent advances for the identification and screening of Lynch syndrome].
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[Hereditary predispositions to colorectal cancer].
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[The biological point of view on pharmacogenetics of anticancer agents in colorectal cancer].
Several drugs have been developed and demonstrated similar efficacy in colorectal cancer treatment therefore with choice, time comes for decision. The biologist will have to provide the toolsExpand
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[Matrix metalloproteinases and gastrointestinal tract cancers].
[Colorectal cancer].
[Genetic heterogeneity of certain sporadic colorectal cancers].
Intratumoral heterogeneity provides information concerning the timing of genetic events which occur during colorectal carcinogenesis. In a series of 14 colorectal adenocarcinomas, the followingExpand