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Ecosystem services research in Latin America: The state of the art
Ecosystem services science has developed at a fast rate in Latin America, a region characterized by a high biological and cultural diversity, strong emphasis in foreign investment, and highExpand
Concepts and methods for landscape multifunctionality and a unifying framework based on ecosystem services
The potential of landscapes to supply multiple benefits to society beyond commodities production has received increasing research and policy attention. Expand
Psycho‐Social Factors Influencing Forest Conservation Intentions on the Agricultural Frontier
Remnant forest fragments are critical to conserve biological diversity yet these are lost rapidly in areas under agricultural expansion. Conservation planning and policy require a deeperExpand
Recreation potential assessment at large spatial scales: A method based in the ecosystem services approach and landscape metrics
Abstract Ecosystem services (ES) is a useful framework for land-use decision making oriented to, ensure human well-being. Outdoor recreation potential, as a cultural ecosystem service, pose,Expand
Multi-causal and integrated assessment of sustainability: the case of agriculturization in the Argentine Pampas
Assessing the sustainability of complex development processes requires multi-causal and integrated analyses. We develop a system-based methodology, rooted in interdisciplinary discussion andExpand
Cumulative effects of fire on a tussock pampa grassland
Abstract In order to test for cumulative effects of fire on Paspalum quadrifarium-dominated grasslands (‘pajonal’), we analysed the impact of single and repeated fires on the community structure andExpand
A mapping approach to assess intangible cultural ecosystem services: The case of agriculture heritage in Southern Chile
Abstract Modeling and mapping of cultural ecosystem services (CES) represents a significant gap in ecosystem service research. A GIS-based methodological framework was developed and applied to mapExpand
Fragmentation Status of Tall-Tussock Grassland Relicts in the Flooding Pampa, Argentina
Abstract Since European settlement vast areas of the tall tussock grassland dominated by Paspalum quadrifarium Lam. and Paspalum exaltatum J. Presl (“pajonal” grassland) in the Flooding Pampa ofExpand
Habitat relations of Rhea americana in an agroecosystem of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
The maintenance of wild populations of Greater Rhea (Rhea americana) through effective management requires an understanding of their habitat requirements in terms of vegetation composition and fieldExpand
Linking the scientific knowledge on marine frontal systems with ecosystem services
Primary production hotspots in the marine environment occur where the combination of light, turbulence, temperature and nutrients makes the proliferation of phytoplankton possible. Satellite-derivedExpand