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The Analytic S-Matrix
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Finite-temperature field theory
In relativistic theories particle number is not conserved (although both lepton and baryon number are). Therefore when discussing the thermodynamics of a quantum field theory one uses the grandExpand
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Total cross sections
Abstract Regge theory provides a very simple and economical description of all total cross sections.
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pp and pp elastic scattering
Abstract We present an analysis of pp and p p elastic scattering in terms of various exchanges. Three-gluon exchange dominates at large t , and single-pomeron exchange at small t . The dip seen inExpand
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Elastic Scattering and Diffraction Dissociation
Abstract High-energy elastic and inelastic scattering at small t are discussed in terms of pomeron and (where relevant) double-pomeron exchange. The similarity between pomeron exchange and photonExpand
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Small x: two pomerons!
Abstract Regge theory provides a very simple and economical description of data for (i) the proton structure function with x Q 2 values, (ii) the charm structure function, and (iii) γ p→J/ψ p . TheExpand
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New data and the hard pomeron
Abstract New structure-function data are in excellent agreement with the existence of a hard pomeron, with intercept about 1.4. It gives a very economical description of the data. Having fixed 2Expand
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Proton structure function at smallQ2
A fit is made to the data for the proton structure function up toQ2=10 GeV2, including the real γp total cross-section. It is economical and simple, and its form is motivated by physical principles.Expand
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Abstract A study is made of theories having the unusual analyticity properties recently proposed by Lee and Wick. A prescription is given for setting up a covariant perturbation-theory expansion ofExpand
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