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Environmental pollutants and disease in American children: estimates of morbidity, mortality, and costs for lead poisoning, asthma, cancer, and developmental disabilities.
The costs of pediatric environmental disease are high, in contrast with the limited resources directed to research, tracking, and prevention, because the incidence, prevalence, mortality, and cost of pediatric disease in American children are high.
Public Health and Economic Consequences of Methyl Mercury Toxicity to the Developing Brain
It is found that between 316,588 and 637,233 children each year have cord blood mercury levels > 5.8 μg/L, a level associated with loss of IQ, and the resulting loss of intelligence causes diminished economic productivity that persists over the entire lifetime of these children.
What causes autism? Exploring the environmental contribution
  • P. Landrigan
  • Biology
    Current opinion in pediatrics
  • 1 April 2010
A targeted discovery strategy focused on suspect chemicals is proposed, which combines expanded toxicological screening, neurobiological research and prospective epidemiological studies, to explore the hypothesis that early environmental exposures also contribute to autism.
Concerns over use of glyphosate-based herbicides and risks associated with exposures: a consensus statement
GBHs are the most heavily applied herbicide in the world and usage continues to rise; Worldwide, GBHs often contaminate drinking water sources, precipitation, and air, especially in agricultural regions and regulatory estimates of tolerable daily intakes for glyphosate in the United States and European Union are based on outdated science.
Occupational injury and illness in the United States. Estimates of costs, morbidity, and mortality.
The costs of occupational injuries and illnesses are high, in sharp contrast to the limited public attention and societal resources devoted to their prevention and amelioration and to the total burden of health care costs in the United States.
Enduring Mental Health Morbidity and Social Function Impairment in World Trade Center Rescue, Recovery, and Cleanup Workers: The Psychological Dimension of an Environmental Health Disaster
Working in 9/11 recovery operations is associated with chronic impairment of mental health and social functioning, and psychological distress and psychopathology in WTC workers greatly exceed population norms.
Childhood leukemias.
Interestingly, childhood leukemias that you really wait for now is coming. It's significant to wait for the representative and beneficial books to read. Every book that is provided in better way and
Pesticides and inner-city children: exposures, risks, and prevention.
Protection of American children, and particularly of inner-city children, against the developmental hazards of pesticides requires a comprehensive strategy that monitors patterns of pesticide use on a continuing basis, assesses children's actual exposures to pesticides, uses state-of-the-art developmental toxicity testing, and establishes societal targets for reduction of pesticides use.