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The theory of matrices
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Surfaces generated by moving least squares methods
An analysis of moving least squares (m.l.s.) methods for smoothing and interpolating scattered data is presented. In particular, theorems are proved concerning the smoothness of interpolants and theExpand
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Algebraic Riccati equations
Perturbation theory for discrete algebraic Riccati equations and matrix pencils . Expand
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The theory of matrices : with applications
Maxtrix Algebra. Determinants, Inverse Matrices, and Rank. Linear, Euclidean, and Unitary Spaces. Linear Transformations and Matrices. Linear Transformations in Unitary Spaces and Simple Matrices.Expand
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Curve and surface fitting - an introduction
The purpose of this book is to reveal to the interested (but perhaps mathematically unsophisticated) user the foundations and major features of several basic methods for curve and surface fitting that are currently in use. Expand
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Invariant subspaces of matrices with applications
Preface to the classics edition Preface to the first edition Introduction Part I. Fundamental Properties of Invariant Subspaces and Applications: 1. Invariant subspaces 2. Jordan form and invariantExpand
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Lambda-matrices and vibrating systems
Lamb lambda matrices and vibrating systems is one of the literary work in this world in suitable to be reading material. Expand
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Linearization of matrix polynomials expressed in polynomial bases
This paper concerns regular matrix polynomials P(λ) when represented in various polynomial bases (other than the monomials 1, λ, λ 2 ,...). As in the monomial case, matrices of 'companion' form playExpand
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Indefinite Linear Algebra and Applications
Preface.- 1. Introduction and Outline.- 2. Indefinite Inner Products.- 3. Orthogonalization and Orthogonal Polynomials.- 4. Classes of Linear Transformations.- 5. Canonical Forms.- 6. RealExpand
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