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The effect of polychlorinated biphenyls on adenosine triphosphatase activity.
Rats treated with 25 mg/kg Aroclor 1242 ip daily for 7 days showed a significant decrease in total ATPase activity of liver, kidney, and brain tissues. In addition, a series of Aroclors producedExpand
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Relationship between sulfhydryl reactivity and toxicity of vinyl sulfone molluscicidal agents.
Abstract Vinyl sulfone was tested to determine (a) sulfhydryl reactivity, ascertained by monitoring the color-forming reaction between 5,5′-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoic acid) and cysteine, (b) inhibitionExpand
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Acute and subchronic toxicity of a nonsulfhydryl angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor.
Acute and 1-month toxicity studies with SCH 31846, a nonsulfhydryl anti-hypertensive agent which acts by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme, were initiated to evaluate its toxicity. The oralExpand
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Skin and mucous membrane ulceration in beagle dogs following oral dosing with an experimental aminoglycoside antibiotic.
G-418 is a unique aminoglycoside antibiotic that is structurally related to gentamicin; however, unlike gentamicin, G-418 inhibits growth of both procaryotic and eucaryotic cells. In a preliminaryExpand
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