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A controlled field trial of physiological responses to organophosphate residues in farm workers.
Blood acetylcholinesterase (ACHE) and pseudocholinesterase (PCHE) activity and urinary dialkyl phosphate (DAP) excretion were measured in a group of 15 male agriculture field workers during aExpand
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Psychosocial sequelae of therapeutic abortion in young unmarried women.
Postabortion courses of 22 unmarried pregnant women in middle and late adolescence, who successfully obtained therapeutic abortions under recently liberalized abortion statutes and practices areExpand
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Epidemiologic study of physiological effects in usual and volunteer citrus workers from organophosphate pesticide residues at reentry.
Biological parameters associated with organophosphate (OP) pesticide exposure were evaluated in a study of citrus harvesters. Changes in these parameters related to environmental residues ofExpand
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Monitoring of grape harvesters for evidence of cholinesterase inhibition.
This report describes the results of a long-term monitoring study of 36 grape harvesters who were occupationally exposed to organophosphate pesticide residues following reentry into vineyards duringExpand
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In defense of secular humanism
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The affirmation of humanism: A statement of principles
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Morality is natural
Many philosophers, including perhaps most famously G.E. Moore, have argued that morality is non-natural. Here, Paul Kurtz defends the view that it is, in fact, natural and can in fact be justifiedExpand
El auge de la oposicion a la ciencia
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