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The Arabs and the Stars: Texts and Traditions on the Fixed Stars and Their Influence in Medieval Europe
Contents: Preface Star catalogues and star tables in medieval Oriental and European astronomy Das Fixsternverzeichnis in der 'Persischen Syntaxis' des Georgios Chrysokokkes Die arabische Herkunft vonExpand
A Note on Ascelinus' Table of Astrolabe Stars
The treatise on the construction of the astrolabe of Ascelinus of Augsburg, edited by C. Burnett in Annals of Science, 55 (1998), 343 ff., contains, in two of the six known manuscripts, a table of 27Expand
A shared legacy Islamic Science East and West: homage to professor J.M. Millàs Vallicrosa
Editors: Emilia calvo, Merce Comes, Roser Puig, Monica Rius. Assistents: Theodoro Loinaz, Cristina Moreno
John of London and His Unknown Arabic Source
In my 1959 book on Arabic star names, 1 I made out a group of names which could be traced back only to an "unbekannte Quelle" ("unknown source"), but not beyond.? Some years later, it had becomeExpand
Al‐Khwārizm? as a Source for the Sententie astrolabii
PPARENTLY THE oldest extant medieval Western text on the astrolabe, and A one of the most influential, is the treatise known as Sententie astrolabii, compiled in Northeastern Spain in the late 10thExpand
On six kinds of astrolabe: a Hitherto unknown latin treatise
L'A. etudie l'edition latine d'un manuscrit d'histoire des sciences traitant de l'astrologie et de l'astronomie