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Plasma oxytocin in initiation of labor.
Serial radioimmunoassay measurements of plasma oxytocin (OT) in maternal venous blood have been carried out in 15 patients, during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Fetal plasma OT was also measured inExpand
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Effect of Litter Size Upon Milk Yield and Litter Weight Gains in Rats
Summary A study is reported concerning the influence of litter size in rats on the estimated milk yields and litter weight gains on days 14 to 20, and on the DNA of the mammary glands on day 20. OnExpand
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Plasma oxytocin levels during human pregnancy and labor as determined by radioimmunoassay.
Abstract Plasma oxytocin concentrations were measured by radioimmunoassay with the use of unextracted plasma in 285 pregnant patients. In nonpregnant women the mean plasma oxytocin level was
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Oxytocin in Maternal and Fetal Blood
Radioimmunoassayable plasma oxytocin (OT) has been measured in maternal and fetal blood. Simultaneous samples were obtained in maternal forearm venous blood and in umbilical venous and arterial bloodExpand
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Effect of Graded Levels of Lactogenic Hormone upon Mammary Gland Growth and Lactation in Rats.∗
Summary Lactogenic hormone was administered subcutaneously at 1, 2 or 3 mg to lactating rats each day during days 7 to 19. Milk yields were obtained after a 10-hour isolation period of dam from pupsExpand
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Oxytocin Antibody and Lactation and Parturition in Rats
To show that a hormone is essential to a particular Physiological process it is best to study an isolated deficiency state, but this has so far been difficult for oxytocin. Hypophysectomy, lesions inExpand
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The effect of oxytocin antibodies on the litter size in rats.
  • P R Kumaresan
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
  • 1974
Oxytocin antibody (OT-AB) was produced to synthetic OT in rabbits and rats by immunizing with OT coupled to bovine serum albumin by glutaraldehyde. The plasma was screened for antibody to OT by theExpand
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Radioimmunoassay of plasma and pituitary oxytocin in pregnant rats during various stages of pregnancy and parturition
Radioimmunoassayable plasma and pituitary oxytocin (ROT) was measured during pregnancy and parturition. The highest mean plasma ROT level was seen in maternal rats on day 20 of pregnancy followed byExpand
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Human ovulation and plasma oxytocin
Plasma oxytocin (OT) concentrations were measured by radioimmunoassay (RIA) method without extracting plasma in 11 normal menstruating women. Mean plasma OT level began to increase steadily from theExpand
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The haematology of Plasmodium vivax before and after chloroquine and primaquine treatment in north Madras area.
Changes in haematological parameters were studied in 35 Plasmodium vivax infected patients and compared with those in an equal number of normal subjects. Patients showed a high proportion ofExpand
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