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A novel phototropic response to red light is revealed in microgravity.
The aim of this study was to investigate phototropism in plants grown in microgravity conditions without the complications of a 1-g environment. Experiments performed on the International SpaceExpand
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Root anatomy of Pinus taeda L.: seasonal and environmental effects on development in seedlings
The environmental and seasonal effects on anatomical traits of Pinus taeda L. seedling roots were studied in the laboratory in three contrasting root growth media and also in typical outdoor nurseryExpand
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Growth and Comprehensive Quality Index of Tomato under Rain Shelters in Response to Different Irrigation and Drainage Treatments
The effects of two levels of irrigation water (100%, 60%) and buried underground pipe depths (0.8 m, 0.6 m) under rain shelters' conditions on yield and some quality parameters of tomato wereExpand
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Phytochemical, Pharmacological importance of Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth) an aromatic medicinal plant
Aromatic plants have been commercially used as spices, natural flavor, raw material for essential-oil industry and other medicinal purpose. The use of essential oils continues to rise, both as aExpand
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Influence of Three Citrus Herbicides on Potential Production of Sorghum bicolor ‘Topper 76-6’ as a Bioenergy Crop
Planting bioenergy crops on land previously used for citrus production may offer an alternative source of revenue for growers looking for alternative-to-citrus crops. However, residual herbicidesExpand
Performance Prediction of Flexible Pavement
Roadways are the major form of transport. Pavements are of major importance in a highway infrastructure. Highways and important roads are extensively flexible pavements. These flexible pavementsExpand
Fertilizer and irrigation effects on the growth of potted citrus nursery trees
" greening ") and canker diseases have substantially affected Florida's citrus industry in the past decade. After their appearances, statewide guidelines were implemented to stop any additionalExpand
Schmitt Trigger based SRAM
In this paper we are going to modify the Schmitt Trigger based SRAM for the purpose of more reduced power & area  than the existing type of designs as well as the new design which is combined ofExpand