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A model for hydraulic redistribution incorporating coupled soil-root moisture transport
One of the adaptive strategies of vegetation, par- ticularly in water limited ecosystems, is the development of deep roots and the use of hydraulic redistribution which enables them to make optimalExpand
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The Role of Critical Zone Observatories in Critical Zone Science
Chapter 2 The Role of Critical Zone Observatories in Critical Zone Science Timothy White*, Susan Brantley**, Steve Banwart † , Jon Chorover ‡ , William Dietrich § , Lou Derry ¶ , Kathleen Lohse †† ,Expand
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Simultaneous improvement in productivity, water use, and albedo through crop structural modification.
Spanning 15% of the global ice-free terrestrial surface, agricultural lands provide an immense and near-term opportunity to address climate change, food, and water security challenges. Through theExpand
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Legacy Effects in Material Flux: Structural Catchment Changes Predate Long-Term Studies
Legacy effects of past land use and disturbance are increasingly recognized, yet consistent definitions of and criteria for defining them do not exist. To address this gap in biological- andExpand
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NVAP and Reanalysis-2 Global Precipitable Water Products : Intercomparison and Variability Studies
In this study similarities and differences between NASA's Water Vapor Project (NVAP) and NCEP–NCAR's reanalysis-2 total precipitable water (TPW) datasets are investigated, along with an assessment ofExpand
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Labile carbon fractions build-up and dynamiccs under vertical stratification of Populus deltoides and Eucalyptus tereticornis based agroforestry systems in Trans-Gangetic Plains of India
Populus deltoides and Eucalyptus tereticornisn based agroforestry systems are credited for stocking  significant amounts of soil carbon and hence have the potential to mitigate climate change. InExpand
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Investigation of Fiber-Modified Bituminous Mixes
Bituminous pavements provide a resilient, waterproof, load-distributing medium that protects the base course from the detrimental effects of water and the abrasive action of traffic. BituminousExpand
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Assessment of floodplain vulnerability during extreme Mississippi River flood 2011.
Regional change in the variability and magnitude of flooding could be a major consequence of future global climate change. Extreme floods have the capacity to rapidly transform landscapes and exposeExpand
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Amelioration of Chromium VI Toxicity in Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) using Glycine Betaine
The main objective of the present research work was to study the effect of Cr toxicity and its amelioration by glycine betaine (GB) in sorghum (HJ 541 and SSG 59-3). Chromium (Cr VI), 2 and 4 ppm ledExpand
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Dynamics of sustained use and abandonment of clean cooking systems: lessons from rural India
Clean cooking technologies—ranging from efficient cookstoves to clean fuels—are widely deployed to reduce household air pollution and alleviate adverse health and climate consequences. Although muchExpand
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