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FoleyAutomatic: physically-based sound effects for interactive simulation and animation
Algorithms for real-time synthesis of realistic sound effects for interactive simulations (e.g., games) and animation are described that are efficient, physically-based, and can be controlled by users in natural ways. Expand
Preserving topology and elasticity for embedded deformable models
A new approach for the embedding of linear elastic deformable models that takes into account topological details and accounts for the varying material properties by computing stiffness and interpolation functions for coarse elements which accurately approximate the behaviour of the embedded material. Expand
EigenSkin: real time large deformation character skinning in hardware
We present a technique which allows subtle nonlinear quasi-static deformations of articulated characters to be compactly approximated by data-dependent eigenbases which are optimized for real timeExpand
Interaction capture and synthesis
A novel position-based linear complementarity problem formulation is described that includes friction, breaking contact, and the compliant coupling between contacts at different fingers that is validated using data from previous work and the own perturbation-based estimates. Expand
Volume contact constraints at arbitrary resolution
We introduce a new method for simulating frictional contact between volumetric objects using interpenetration volume constraints. When applied to complex geometries, our formulation results inExpand
HandNavigator: hands-on interaction for desktop virtual reality
A novel interaction system aimed at hands-on manipulation of digital models through natural hand gestures, coupled with a simulated compliant virtual hand model, that is well suited to any situation where hand gesture, contact, or manipulation tasks need to be performed in virtual. Expand
Physically-based Sound Eects for Interactive Simulation and Animation
Algorithms for real-time synthesis of realistic sound eects for interactive simulations (e.g., games) and animation are described and algorithms that are ecient, physicallybased, and can be controlled by users in natural ways are developed. Expand
Continuous contact simulation for smooth surfaces
This work describes a technique that uses reduced coordinates to evolve a single continuous contact between smooth piecewise parametric surfaces, allowing a wide choice of step sizes with visually acceptable results. Expand
Embedded thin shells for wrinkle simulation
This work combines high resolution thin shells with coarse finite element lattices and defines frequency based constraints that allow the formation of wrinkles with properties matching those predicted by the physical parameters of the composite object. Expand