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Flattening and truncation of stellar discs in edge-on spiral galaxies
We analyse the global structure of the old stellar discs in 34 edge-on spiral galaxies. The radial and vertical exponential scale parameters of the discs are obtained by applying an improvedExpand
Magnetic field paralleliser for 2π electron-spectrometer and electron-image magnifier
An electron-optical device has been constructed in which electrons originally emitted over 2 pi steradians from a region of small volume are formed into a beam of half-angle 2 degrees . TheExpand
The Milky Way as a galaxy
This is a comprehensive view of Galactic astronomy, written from a global point of view. The three authors have collaborated to produce a new synthesis of the forefront of knowledge about our GalaxyExpand
The Opacity of Spiral Galaxy Disks. IV. Radial Extinction Profiles from Counts of Distant Galaxies Seen through Foreground Disks
Dust extinction can be determined from the number of distant field galaxies seen through a spiral disk. To calibrate this number for the crowding and confusion introduced by the foreground image,Expand
The role of secondary electrons in electron-beam-induced- deposition spatial resolution
Abstract Electron-beam-induced-deposition (EBID) is a versatile direct writing technique occasionally used in micro- and nanofabrication. We focus in our study on the EBID spatial resolution, definedExpand
Approaching the resolution limit of nanometer-scale electron beam-induced deposition.
Very high resolution tungsten containing dots in regular arrays by electron beam-induced deposition (EBID) are reported, with the smallest having a diameter of only 0.7 nm at fwhm and these are the smallest features fabricated by EBID. Expand
Ion beams in SEM: An experiment towards a high brightness low energy spread electron impact gas ion source
A next generation ion source suitable for both high resolution focused ion beam milling and imaging applications is currently being developed. The new ion source relies on a method of whichExpand
Spatial resolution limits in electron-beam-induced deposition
Electron-beam-induced deposition (EBID) is a versatile micro- and nanofabrication technique based on electron-induced dissociation of metal-carrying gas molecules adsorbed on a target. EBID has theExpand
Field emission energy distributions from individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Abstract We measured field emission energy distributions of electrons emitted from individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes mounted on tungsten tips. The shape of the energy distribution is stronglyExpand