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Electrical battery model for use in dynamic electric vehicle simulations
Simulation of electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles over driving schedules within a full dynamic hybrid and electric vehicle simulator requires batteryExpand
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Game-Theoretic Control of Small-Scale Power Systems
A power system is a collection of individual components that compete for system resources. This paper presents a game theoretic approach to the control decision process of individual sources andExpand
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Modeling of capacitor impedance in switching converters
Switched capacitor (SC) converters are gaining acceptance as alternatives to traditional, inductor-based switching power converters. Expand
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A Schwarz–Christoffel-Based Analytical Method for Electric Machine Field Analysis
With the recent increase in the availability and widespread use of inverters, exotic rare earth permanent-magnet materials, and low-cost, precision manufacturing, new design tools are needed to aidExpand
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Stabilization of constant power loads in Dc-Dc converters using passivity-based control
This paper studies the control of DC-DC converters subjected to constant-power loads using a passivity-based technique. Expand
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Formal Derivation of Direct Torque Control for Induction Machines
Direct torque control (DTC) is an induction motor control technique that has been successful because it explicitly considers the inverter stage and uses few machine parameters, while being moreExpand
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Selective harmonic control: a general problem formulation and selected solutions
Selective harmonic elimination/control has been a widely researched alternative to traditional pulse-width modulation techniques. Previous and current work has made fundamental assumptions thatExpand
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Electrical properties and equalization of lithium-ion cells in automotive applications
This paper explores certain key properties of lithium-ion batteries important for automotive applications. Long-term laboratory tests have been conducted to characterize these cells. The resultsExpand
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Real-time system identification for load monitoring and transient handling of Dc-Dc supplies
Switching mode power supply (SMPS) behavior depends entirely upon known component values and often unknown load impedances. Load change produces voltage over- and undershoots and a design-pointExpand
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Capabilities of finite element analysis and magnetic equivalent circuits for electrical machine analysis and design
This paper reviews the literature concerned with capabilities and limitations of finite element analysis (FEA) and magnetic equivalent circuit (MEC) analysis for electrical machine design. The mostExpand
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