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Cape Town - water for a thirsty city (part 1) : urban water supply
From the time of its inception, Cape Town has always been a thirsty city. In this part one of a two-part series, Petro Kotze traces the early history of water supply in the Mother's City.
Novel research aims to clarify the impact of fog : water resource assessment
  • P. Kotze
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 November 2014
Does fog contribute to the water flow in South African rivers? A new research project is trying to find out.
The potential of small hydropower plants in South Africa : hydropower
Renewable energy is the proverbial Cinderella of the energy sector. Overshadowed by coal and other fossil fuels, the possibilities of 'cleaner' energies have stepped into the limelight asExpand
Water and energy : feature
A recently completed study by the Water Research Commission (WRC) and the University of Pretoria (UP) into the future water needs of the power generation sector highlights how a lack of technicalExpand
Conservation agriculture : farming for the future : water and agriculture - cover story
Traditionally, a farmland is a neat block of upturned soil, divided into clean rows devoid of any vegetation, ready to be sowed with seeds. Though pleasing to behold, the consequences have not alwaysExpand
Groundwater and surface water interaction : from theory to practice : IWRM
Historically, groundwater (GW) and surface water (SW) have been viewed, and managed, as two separate entities. Most water resource management plans focus on the latter, but the constant developmentExpand
Supporting South Africa's water factories : corporate investment
A nationwide project is demonstrating how corporate water users can plough back income from freshwater, for freshwater.
Protecting nature's nurseries - study highlights importance of natural flow to estuaries : estuaries - cover story
Estuaries, those unique interfaces between marine and freshwater environments have also been highly impacted by human activities upstream. A completed study by the Nelson Mandela MetropolitanExpand
Olifants-Doorn - a class act
The Olifants / Doorn Water Management Area (WMA), comprising the Olifants, Doring, Sandveld, Kouebokkeveld and Knersvlake sub-areas, is special both because of its unique ecology and the range ofExpand
Conserving wetland biodiversity in a concrete jungle : biodiversity
The role of zoos has changed considerably over the years. The Johannesburg Zoo for example, covering 56 ha and founded in 1904, was initially donated to the public for recreational use by the firm ofExpand