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Meta‐analysis of second‐trimester markers for trisomy 21
To summarize by meta‐analysis the accumulated data on the screening performance of second‐trimester sonographic markers for fetal trisomy 21 shows clear trends in maternal morbidity and mortality during the second trimester. Expand
Optimal Method and Timing of Intrauterine Intervention in Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion Sequence: Case Study and Meta-Analysis
In TRAP sequence, survival may be improved by elective intervention at 12-14 weeks, and with most methods the survival rate of the pump twin was about 80%. Expand
Trichorionic and Dichorionic Triplet Pregnancies at 10-14 Weeks: Outcome after Embryo Reduction Compared to Expectant Management
In trichorionic triplet and DCT pregnancies, ER increases the rate of miscarriage but reduces the rates of preterm birth. Expand
Embryo Reduction in Dichorionic Triplets to Dichorionic Twins by Intrafetal Laser
In the management of DCT pregnancies, ER to dichorionic twins by intra Fetal laser is an additional option to the traditional ones of expectant management, ER by intrafetal injection of potassium chloride (KCl) to monochorionics twins or ER by KCl to singleton. Expand
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