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Public display and changing values: early Meiji exhibitions and their precursors
Le but de cet article est d'evaluer l'evolution des expositions de produits naturels ou d'objets manufactures au Japon a la fin de la periode Tokugawa et au debut de l'ere Meiji, leurs liens avec laExpand
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Unsuitable Books for Women?: Genji Monogatari and Ise Monogatari in Late Seventeenth-Century Japan
He would like to express his thanks to Professor Hayakawa Monta 早川門多 for palaeographic assistance; to Dr. T. J. Harper for making available his unpublished translation of an excerpt from SejiExpand
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The Publisher's Go-Between : Kashihonya in the Meiji Period
WITH these words Sant6 Ky6den paid tribute in 1813 to the importance for publisher and reader alike of the commercial circulating libraries known as kashihonya. As a popular writer of fiction, he hadExpand
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The Japanese collection in the Bibliotheca Lindesiana
The collection of Japanese books assembled by the 25th earl of Crawford and now in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester is admittedly small, with fewer than 230 items, and it pales byExpand
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The Enmeiin affair of 1803 : the spread of information in the Tokugawa Period
IT IS a commonplace in the cultural history of Japan that the commercial publisher came into his own in the Tokugawa period and made as if to replace the manuscript with the printed book. ButExpand
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Manuscript, not Print: Scribal Culture in the Edo Period
In the early seventeenth century, printing underwent a rapid transformation in Japan in the hands of commercial publishers. However, print did not spell the end of scribal traditions and manuscriptsExpand
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The Book in Japan: A Cultural History from the Beginnings to the Nineteenth Century
This study deals with all aspects of the history of the book in Japan, from the production of manuscripts and printed books to book-collecting, libraries, censorship and readership. It also setsExpand
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Religion in Japan : arrows to heaven and earth
1. Notes on the kuji David Waterhouse 2. The worship of Confucius in ancient Japan James McMullen 3. An early anthropologist? Oe no Masafusa's A record of fox spirits Ivo Smits 4. Religion in theExpand
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