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Essentials of Managed Health Care
This revision includes updates to all chapters, as well as new sections on the most relevant topics in managed care today such as: pay for performance, consumer-directed healthcare plans, payor/provider collaboration, and electronic enablement of clinical activities supported by health plans. Expand
The Managed health care handbook
This thoroughly revised and updated book provides a strategic and operational resource for use in planning and decision-making. The Handbook enables readers to fine-tune operation strategies byExpand
Managed Care: What It Is and How It Works
A managed care expert overviews the history, structure, regulation, and issues of the complex US health care system. This second edition work was originally published by Aspen in 2002. Much of theExpand
A History of Managed Health Care and Health Insurance in the United States *
î Understand the evolution of health insurance and managed health care, including the forces that drove this evolution î Understand current trends in managed health care, including how marketExpand
Methods of compensating physicians contracting with managed care organizations
The next iteration of managed care? Panel discussion.
The five experts caution that managed care is as unpredictable and chaotic as ever, but they do their best to tell you how they think it'll all play out in the near term. Expand
Technology a central factor among interrelated challenges
The most significant pressures facing payers evolve constantly, though they rarely change radically from year to year. While payers strive to lower administrative costs and improve efficiencies,Expand