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Domain-specific languages: an annotated bibliography
The literature available on the topic of domain-specific languages as used for the construction and maintenance of software systems is surveyed, and a selection of 75 key publications in the area is listed. Expand
The syntax definition formalism SDF—reference manual—
SDF is a formalism for the definition of syntax which is comparable to BNF in some respects, but has a wider scope in that it also covers the definition of lexical and abstract syntax. Its design andExpand
Domain-specific language design requires feature descriptions
This paper proposes the Feature Description Language (FDL), a textual language to describe features, and explores automated manipulation of feature descriptions such as normalization, expansion to disjunctive normal form, variability computation and constraint satisfaction. Expand
RASCAL: A Domain Specific Language for Source Code Analysis and Manipulation
Rascal is a domain-specific language that takes away most of this boilerplate by integrating source code analysis and manipulation at the conceptual, syntactic, semantic and technical level. Expand
Language Prototyping: An Algebraic Specification Approach
This volume presents an algebraic specification approach to language prototyping; and is centered around the ASF+SDF formalism and Meta-Environment. Expand
Compiling language definitions: the ASF+SDF compiler
The ASF+SDF rewrite rule compiler generates C code, thus taking advantage of C's portability and the sophisticated optimization capabilities of current C compilers as well as avoiding potential abstract machine interface bottlenecks. Expand
The ASF+SDF Meta-environment: A Component-Based Language Development Environment
A completely new, component-based, version of the Asf+Sdf Meta-environment, used in a variety of academic and commercial projects ranging from formal program manipulation to conversion of COBOL systems is built. Expand
A meta-environment for generating programming environments
  • P. Klint
  • Computer Science
  • TSEM
  • 1 April 1993
This paper describes the design and implementation of a meta-environment (a development environment for formal language definitions) based on the formalism ASF + SDF, and the treatment of formalisms with user-definable syntax and incremental program generation techniques. Expand
The algebraic specification formalism ASF
Toward an engineering discipline for grammarware
This work identifies the problems with the current grammarware practices, the barriers that currently hamper research, and the promises of an engineering discipline for grammarware, its principles and the research challenges that have to be addressed. Expand