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Opportunity Discovery, Entrepreneurial Action, and Economic Organization
This paper reviews and critiques the "opportunity discovery" approach to entrepreneurship and argues that entrepreneurship can be more thoroughly grounded, and more closely linked to more generalExpand
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Empirical Research in Transaction Cost Economics: A Review and Assessment
This paper summarizes and assesses the growing body of empirical research in transaction cost economics (TCE). Originally an explanation for the scale and scope of the firm, TCE is now used to studyExpand
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Toward a Theory of Public Entrepreneurship
This paper explores innovation, experimentation, and creativity in the public domain and in the public interest. Researchers in various disciplines have studied public entrepreneurship, but there isExpand
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Organizing Entrepreneurial Judgment: A New Approach to the Firm
List of figures Preface Acknowledgements 1. The need for an entrepreneurial theory of the firm 2. What is entrepreneurship? 3. Entrepreneurship: from opportunity discovery to judgment 4. What isExpand
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The Make-or-Buy Decision: Lessons from Empirical Studies
Should a firm make its own inputs, buy them on the spot market, or maintain an ongo- ing relationship with a particular supplier? The emergence of the transaction cost approach to verticalExpand
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Uncertainty Types and Transitions in the Entrepreneurial Process
While judgment has hitherto typically been viewed as a discrete decision process, we propose that it be conceptualized instead as a continuous and dynamic process of reassessment and revision.Expand
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Original and Derived Judgment: An Entrepreneurial Theory of Economic Organization
Recent work links entrepreneurship to the economic theory of the firm, using the concept of entrepreneurship as judgment introduced by Frank Knight. When judgment is complementary to other assets, itExpand
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Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught
Is entrepreneurship an innate ability or an acquired skill? Can entrepreneurship acumen be achieved and enhanced through education and training, or are certain people “born” to be entrepreneurs or toExpand
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New Institutional Economics
This essay surveys the new institutional economics, a rapidly growing literature combining economics, law, organization theory, political science, sociology, and anthropology to understand social,Expand
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