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Mechanical stability and post-traumatic osteitis: an experimental evaluation of the relation between infection of bone and internal fixation.
It seems that the development of osteitis and the healing of a fracture are both related to the degree of rigidity, but remain independent of each other. Expand
Incidental splenectomy: early and late postoperative complications.
Of 542 splenectomies performed from 1964 to 1977, 242 were incidental to gastrointestinal surgery. The highest rate of complications was observed in these patients as opposed to those who underwentExpand
[Intraoperative autotransfusion and its influence on the blood-clotting-system (author's transl)].
IAT can be considered as method of choice for the emergency treatment of massive bleeding as an increasing normalisation of most parameters was seen, except for the plasma proteins active in coagulation, which showed a combination of "consumption coagulophathy" and "hyperfibrinolysis". Expand
Transcutaneous PO2 measurement on skin transplants.
Trnascutaneous PO2 measurements are suitable for an objective control of free skin transplants and pedicle flaps if used with standardized and controlled hyperemia. They are also suitable forExpand
[Intraoperative instrumental autotransfusion. 1st experiences in vascular surgery and traumatology].
It is concluded that intraoperative autotransfusion is a safe and simple method of rapid transfusion which can save significant volumes of precious homologous blood. Expand
[Changes in ionized calcium and citrate levels in dogs during mechanical autotransfusion with heparin, ACD and CPD].
Cardiac depression after AT of citrated blood seems to be mainly caused by the drop of Ca++, which is significantly more pronounced with CPD, corresponding to the higher content of citrate. Expand
[The effect of citrate or heparin coagulation on the dog's heart work in autotransfusion].
Heparinization seems to be preferable to citrate as regards heart work and performance during massive autotransfusion, and the two citrate stabilizers significantly differ in their effect on both cardiac parameters, the use of ACD being favoured. Expand
Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage in Acute Abdominal Disease
Peritoneal lavage permits rapid formulation of an organized plan of theraphy considering the priorities of the different lesions in patientswith multiple trauma or diagnostics difficulties for otherExpand