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Time course and dimensions of postural control changes following neuromuscular training in youth field hockey athletes
PurposeInjury prevention effects of neuromuscular training have been partly attributed to postural control adaptations. Uncertainty exists regarding the magnitude of these adaptations and on how theyExpand
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Bifunctional antimicrobial conjugates and hybrid antimicrobials.
Covering: up to the end of 2016Novel antimicrobial drugs are continuously needed to counteract bacterial resistance development. An innovative molecular design strategy for novel antibiotic drugs isExpand
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The synthesis of α-azidoesters and geminal triazides.
Three simple methods for the synthesis of geminal triazides are described: Starting from 1) 3-oxocarboxylic acids, 2) iodomethyl ketones, or 3) terminal olefins, a range of triazidomethyl ketones canExpand
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Practical azidation of 1,3-dicarbonyls.
An operationally simple, direct azidation of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds has been developed. The reaction proceeds readily under ambient conditions using sodium azide and an iodine-based oxidant such asExpand
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Total synthesis of (+)-cyperolone.
The total synthesis of (+)-cyperolone, an eudesmane-derived sesquiterpenoid from Cyperus rotundus, is described. The de novo synthesis was accomplished via a 15 step sequence starting fromExpand
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Abscisic Acid: A Phytohormone and Mammalian Cytokine as Novel Pharmacon with Potential for Future Development into Clinical Applications.
The isoprenoid stress-associated phytohormone abscisic acid (ABA) has recently been recognized to possess multifaceted biological functions in mammals and to exert potent curative effects in a numberExpand
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Über die Synthese von α‐Azidoestern und geminalen Triaziden
Drei einfache Methoden zur Synthese geminaler Triazide werden beschrieben: Ausgehend von 1) 3-Oxocarbonsauren, 2) Iodmethylketonen oder 3) terminalen Olefinen gelingt der Aufbau einer Reihe vonExpand
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Trimethyl Lock: A Multifunctional Molecular Tool for Drug Delivery, Cellular Imaging, and Stimuli‐Responsive Materials
Trimethyl lock (TML) systems are based on ortho‐hydroxydihydrocinnamic acid derivatives displaying increased lactonization reactivity owing to unfavorable steric interactions of three pendant methylExpand
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New Structural Templates for Clinically Validated and Novel Targets in Antimicrobial Drug Research and Development.
The development of bacterial resistance against current antibiotic drugs necessitates a continuous renewal of the arsenal of efficacious drugs. This imperative has not been met by the output ofExpand
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Labyrinthopeptins Exert Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Activity through Lipid-Binding-Mediated Virolysis
For many viral infections, current treatment options are insufficient. Because the development of each antiviral drug is time-consuming and expensive, the prospect of finding broad-spectrumExpand
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