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Late Effects of Multiagent Chemotherapy on Salivary Secretion in Children Cancer Survivors
Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the later oral consequences of chemotherapy on the oral health of children with emphasis on the cariological status and the major and minorExpand
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Frequency and location of traumatic ulcerations following placement of complete dentures.
PURPOSE To determine the location of mucosal injuries that appear following placement of complete dentures, as well as the number of adjustments necessary to achieve patient comfort. The frequency ofExpand
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Prosthodontic status and recommended care of patients with epilepsy.
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Epilepsy is a chronic disease that can affect oral health and prosthodontic status in different ways. However, epilepsy is a condition of various etiologies and seizure types,Expand
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Long-term Effects of Chemotherapy on Dental Status of Children Cancer Survivors
Background: The aim of this study was to investigate the long-term effects of chemotherapy on the dental and gingival health and dental disturbance parameters of children cancer survivors. Procedure:Expand
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The arterial and venous blood supply of the preoptic region in the rat.
A study has been made of the arterial and venous circulation of the preoptic region in the rat, using the double Indian ink technique. A detailed description is offered on supply of the nucleusExpand
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Systems for the Provision of Oral Health Care in the Black Sea Countries. Part 7. Hungary
This paper gives a brief overview of the population demographics of Hungary and of the health care system for the country. It then details the system for the provision of oral health care and theExpand
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Dental Status and Oral Health of Patients with Epilepsy: An Epidemiologic Study
Summary:  Purpose: We performed a dental survey of epilepsy patients to examine their oral health by statistical means and to provide a guide for the dental treatment of these patients.
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Pituitary-brain retrograde transport
Abstract Thirty to forty years ago there was major controversy as to the direction of the blood flow along the portal vessels linking the brain and the pituitary gland. The controversy settled downExpand
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Anatomical changes in the structure of the temporomandibular joint caused by complete edentulousness.
BACKGROUND The posterior slope of the articular eminence of completely edentulous patients compared to patients with maintained occlusion shows significant flattening. OBJECTIVE The aim of thisExpand
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[Flow rate of minor salivary glands in elderly patients wearing complete dentures].
Minor salivary glands show diverse levels of secretion in different regions of the oral cavity. The smallest production can be measured at the palatal glands, the highest in the buccal and theExpand
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