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'Imagined Communities' and the Origins of the National Question in the Balkans
Nationalism has been one of the most powerful and perhaps also one of the most destructive forces shaping the course of Balkan history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. After a century of
Enlightenment, nationalism, orthodoxy : studies in the culture and political thought of south-eastern Europe
Contents: The Enlightenment East and West: a comparative perspective on the ideological origins of the Balkan political traditions War and political consciousness: theoretical implications of
On the intellectual content of Greek nationalism: Paparrigopoulos, Byzantium and the Great Idea
A conventional view in the historiography of modern Greece tends to connect the origins of Greek nationalism, what is usually described as the Great Idea, with attitudes and aspirations dating from
‘Balkan Mentality’: History, Legend, Imagination
Abstract. In this article I attempt to do two things. First I consider in what sense it could be reasonable to talk of a ‘Balkan mentality’, shared across national divisions by all peoples in
Greek irredentism in Asia minor and Cyprus
The concept of national identity and its transmogrification into the historical phenomenon of nationalism have been one of the problematic areas of social theory. Although some of the great thinkers
Relevance or Irrelevance of Nationalism? A Perspective from the Eastern Mediterranean
In retracing in broad outline the historical trajectories of nationalism in three successive East Mediterranean contexts, each including the previous one, this essay seeks to marshal evidence in