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Explanatory unification and the causal structure of the world
The modern study of scientific explanation dates from 1948, the year of the publication of the pioneering article by C. G. Hempel and Paul Oppenheim. Nearly forty years later, philosophers rightly
Science, Truth, and Democracy
Striving to boldly redirect the philosophy of science, this book by renowned philosopher Philip Kitcher examines the heated debate surrounding the role of science in shaping our lives. Kitcher
Science in a Democratic Society
This is a comprehensive and systematic exploration of the place of science in democratic societies. In this successor to his pioneering "Science, Truth, and Democracy", renowned philosopher Philip
The Ethical Project
Principles of right and wrong guide the lives of almost all human beings, but we often see them as external to ourselves, outside our own control. In a revolutionary approach to the problems of moral
  • P. Kitcher
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    Philosophy of Science
  • 1 June 1984
I defend a view of the species category, pluralistic realism, which is designed to do justice to the insights of many different groups of systematists. After arguing that species are sets and not
1953 and all that: a tale of two sciences.
The Lives to Come: The Genetic Revolution and Human Possibilities
The shapes of suffering our mortal coils to test or not to test? the road to health? a patchwork of therapies the new pariahs? studies in scarlet interlude - the specters won't go away inescapable