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Large-scale pattern growth of graphene films for stretchable transparent electrodes
The direct synthesis of large-scale graphene films using chemical vapour deposition on thin nickel layers is reported, and two different methods of patterning the films and transferring them to arbitrary substrates are presented, implying that the quality of graphene grown by chemical vapours is as high as mechanically cleaved graphene. Expand
Experimental observation of the quantum Hall effect and Berry's phase in graphene
An experimental investigation of magneto-transport in a high-mobility single layer of graphene observes an unusual half-integer quantum Hall effect for both electron and hole carriers in graphene. Expand
Thermal transport measurements of individual multiwalled nanotubes.
The thermal conductivity and thermoelectric power of a single carbon nanotube were measured using a microfabricated suspended device and shows linear temperature dependence with a value of 80 microV/K at room temperature. Expand
Ultrahigh electron mobility in suspended graphene
Abstract We have achieved mobilities in excess of 200,000 cm2 V −1 s−1 at electron densities of ∼2 ×1011 cm−2 by suspending single layer graphene. Suspension ∼150 nm above a Si/SiO2 gate electrodeExpand
Boron nitride substrates for high-quality graphene electronics.
Graphene devices on h-BN substrates have mobilities and carrier inhomogeneities that are almost an order of magnitude better than devices on SiO(2). Expand
Energy band-gap engineering of graphene nanoribbons.
It is found that the energy gap scales inversely with the ribbon width, thus demonstrating the ability to engineer the band gap of graphene nanostructures by lithographic processes. Expand
Current saturation in zero-bandgap, top-gated graphene field-effect transistors.
The first observation of saturating transistor characteristics in a graphene field-effect transistor is reported, demonstrating the feasibility of two-dimensional graphene devices for analogue and radio-frequency circuit applications without the need for bandgap engineering. Expand
One-Dimensional Electrical Contact to a Two-Dimensional Material
In graphene heterostructures, the edge-contact geometry provides new design possibilities for multilayered structures of complimentary 2D materials, and enables high electronic performance, including low-temperature ballistic transport over distances longer than 15 micrometers, and room-tem temperature mobility comparable to the theoretical phonon-scattering limit. Expand
Performance of monolayer graphene nanomechanical resonators with electrical readout.
By establishing many of the basic attributes of monolayer graphene resonators, the groundwork for applications of these devices, including high-sensitivity mass detectors, is put in place. Expand
Thermal conductivity of individual silicon nanowires
The thermal conductivities of individual single crystalline intrinsic Si nanowires with diameters of 22, 37, 56, and 115 nm were measured using a microfabricated suspended device over a temperatureExpand