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A diagonally dominant second-order accurate implicit scheme
Abstract An unconditionally stable second order accurate, implicit, finite difference method is described. The coefficient matrix is tridiagonal and always diagonally dominant. As an illustrativeExpand
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Polynomial interpolation methods for viscous flow calculations
Abstract Higher-order collocation procedures resulting in tridiagonal matrix systems are derived from polynomial spline interpolation and by Hermitian (Taylor series) finite-differenceExpand
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Micropropagation of Araucaria columnaris Hook
The genus Araucaria comprises several magnificent evergreen forest tree species, including Araucaria columnaris Hook., which has a high ornamental value as well. Conventional propagation by seeds isExpand
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Berberine, a potential drug for trachoma.
The clinical serological response to topical treatment of trachoma with Berberine an indigenous drug has been studied in 32 microbiologically confirmed cases. Efficacy of Berberine 0.2% when comparedExpand
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Improving production of plant secondary metabolites through biotic and abiotic elicitation
Abstract Plants need to counter continuous threats posed by the environment, such as pathogen attacks (fungi, viruses, insects, nematodes) and harsh physical conditions (drought, salinity,Expand
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Higher-Order Numerical Solutions Using Cubic Splines
The cubic spline collocation procedure for the numerical solution of partial differential equations was reformulated so that the accuracy of the second-derivative approximation is improved andExpand
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Structure and function of traditional agroforestry systems in the western Himalaya. I. Biomass and productivity
Species composition, biomass, and productivity patterns of three types of traditional agroforestry systems, namely, agrisilvicultural, agrihorticultural, and agrihortisilvicultural, commonlyExpand
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Structure and function of traditional agroforestry systems in the western Himalaya. II. Nutrient cycling
Budget of nutrient in plant and soil, and their rates of recycling in three types of traditional agroforestry systems in mid elevations of the western Himalaya were studied. Concentration of nitrogenExpand
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On a Mechanism of Stabilizing Turbulent Free Shear Layers in Cavity Flows
Turbulent free shear flows are subject to the well-known Kelvin-Helmholtz type [1] instability, and it is well-known that any free shear flow which approximates a thin vorticity layer will beExpand
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