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Nonequilibrium dynamics and superfluid ring excitations in binary Bose-Einstein condensates.
This work revisits a classic study of interpenetrating Bose-Einstein condensates in the hyperfine states and observes striking new nonequilibrium component separation dynamics in the form of oscillating ringlike structures.
Radiationless traveling waves in saturable nonlinear Schrödinger lattices.
Genuinely localized traveling waves are computed as a function of the system parameters for the first time and the relevant solutions exist only for finite velocities.
Dark solitons and vortices in PT-symmetric nonlinear media: from spontaneous symmetry breaking to nonlinear PT phase transitions
We consider nonlinear analogs of parity-time- (PT-) symmetric linear systems exhibiting defocusing nonlinearities. We study the ground state and odd excited states (dark solitons and vortices) of the
On the modulational stability of Gross-Pittaevskii type equations in 1+1 dimensions
The modulational stability of the nonlinear Schr{\"o}dinger (NLS) equation is examined in the cases with linear and quadratic external potential. This study is motivated by recent experimental
Traveling waves and their tails in locally resonant granular systems
In the present study, we revisit the theme of wave propagation in locally resonant granular crystal systems, also referred to as mass-in-mass systems. We use three distinct approaches to identify
Generalized neighbor-interaction models induced by nonlinear lattices.
It is shown that the tight-binding approximation of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a periodic linear potential and periodic in space nonlinearity coefficient gives rise to a number of