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Dendrimer toxicity: Let's meet the challenge.
Dendrimers are well-defined, versatile polymeric architecture with properties resembling biomolecules. Dendritic polymers emerged as outstanding carrier in modern medicine system because of itsExpand
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An update on natural compounds in the remedy of diabetes mellitus: A systematic review
Herbal medicine, phytomedicine or botanical medicine are synonymous, utilizes plants intended for medicinal purposes. Medicinal use of herbal medicine in the treatment and prevention of diseasesExpand
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Profile of blood donors and reasons for deferral in coastal South India.
BACKGROUND A blood transfusion is a life-saving procedure in many instances. An adequate supply of safe blood is ensured by exercising donor deferral criteria and screening for TransfusionExpand
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Dendrimer as nanocarrier for drug delivery
Dendrimers are novel three dimensional, hyperbranched globular nanopolymeric architectures. Attractive features like nanoscopic size, narrow polydispersity index, excellent control over molecularExpand
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PEGylated PAMAM dendrimers: Enhancing efficacy and mitigating toxicity for effective anticancer drug and gene delivery.
UNLABELLED Poly(amidoamine) dendrimers (PAMAM) are well-defined, highly branched, nanoscale macromolecules with numerous active amine groups on the surface. PAMAM dendrimer can enhance the solubilityExpand
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Hyaluronic acid-conjugated polyamidoamine dendrimers for targeted delivery of 3,4-difluorobenzylidene curcumin to CD44 overexpressing pancreatic cancer cells.
The current study was aimed to develop a targeted dendrimer formulation of 3, 4-difluorobenzylidene curcumin (CDF) and evaluate its potential in CD44 targeted therapy for pancreatic cancer. UsingExpand
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Parenterally administrable nano-micelles of 3,4-difluorobenzylidene curcumin for treating pancreatic cancer.
Pancreatic cancer remains one of the most devastating diseases in terms of patient mortality rates for which current treatment options are very limited. 3,4-Difluorobenzylidene curcumin (CDF) is aExpand
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Dendrimer nanoarchitectures for cancer diagnosis and anticancer drug delivery.
Dendrimers are novel nanoarchitectures with unique properties including a globular 3D shape, a monodispersed unimicellar nature and a nanometric size range. The availability of multiple peripheralExpand
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Mucoadhesion: A promising approach in drug delivery system
Abstract Mucoadhesion, the state in which two materials, amongst which one is biological in nature, adhere to each other for extended periods of time with the help of interfacial forces, provides anExpand
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Recent advances in dendrimer-based nanovectors for tumor-targeted drug and gene delivery.
Advances in the application of nanotechnology in medicine have given rise to multifunctional smart nanocarriers that can be engineered with tunable physicochemical characteristics to deliver one orExpand
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