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Pivotal States and U.S. Strategy
Half a decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union, American policymakers and intellectuals are still seeking new principles on which to base national strategy. The current debate over the futureExpand
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Engineers of Victory: The Problem Solvers Who Turned the Tide in the Second World War
From Paul Kennedy, author of The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, one of the most acclaimed history books of recent decades, Engineers of Victory is a new account of how the tide was turned againstExpand
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The PSOE: Modernization and the welfare state in Spain.
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MR elastography measurement of the effect of passive warmup prior to eccentric exercise on thigh muscle mechanical properties
To investigate the effect of warmup by application of the thermal agent Deep Heat (DH) on muscle mechanical properties using magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) at 3T before and afterExpand
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The Parliament of Man: The United Nations and the Quest for World Government
In the course of the twentieth century, there occurred a development unique in the story of humankind. States, which had defined themselves from Thucydides to Bismarck by their claims to sovereignExpand
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China Returns to Africa
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The stoichiometric dissociation constants of carbonic acid in seawater brines from 298 to 267 K
Abstract The stoichiometric dissociation constants of carbonic acid ( K 1 C ∗ and K 2 C ∗ ) were determined by measurement of all four measurable parameters of the carbonate system (total alkalinity,Expand
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Tirpitz, England and the Second Navy Law of 1900: A Strategical Critique
Of the importance of the First Navy Law of 1898, there can be little dispute. The studies of an impressive array of historians indicate how much it has been regarded for a number of reasons as aExpand
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