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Sub-cooled and flashing liquid jets and droplet dispersion II. Scaled experiments and derivation of droplet size correlations
This paper describes the results of the first stage of Phase III of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) on liquid jets and two-phase droplet dispersion. This stage included scaled experiments for water,Expand
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This paper studies the influence of ambient conditions on full flow-field, temporally resolved fuel spray characteristics. The gasoline sprays from a direct-injection (DI) injector are examined forExpand
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A laser induced fluorescence technique for quantifying transient liquid fuel films utilising total internal reflection
This paper describes the development of a laser induced fluorescence (LIF) technique to quantify the thickness and spatial distribution of transient liquid fuel films formed as a result of spray–wallExpand
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Sub-cooled and flashing liquid jets and droplet dispersion I. Overview and model implementation/validation
Many accidents involve two-phase releases of hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere. This paper describes the results of a third phase of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) on liquid jets and two-phaseExpand
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Influence of blends of diesel and renewable fuels on compression ignition engine emissions over transient engine conditions
Abstract To reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released from transportation the EU has implemented legislation to mandate the renewable content of petrol and diesel fuels. However, due to theExpand
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Developing Effervescent Atomisation for Alternative Fuels
A wide range of atomiser types have been developed for industrial applications — such as rotary, pressure, air-assist and air-blast atomisers. Each type works on the principle of applying mechanicalExpand
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Transient fuel spray impingement at atmospheric and elevated ambient conditions
This study analyses detailed temporally resolved full flow field data for pre- and post-impingement fuel sprays under atmospheric and elevated ambient conditions. A comprehensive suite of diagnosticExpand
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Central recirculation zone analysis in an unconfined tangential swirl burner with varying degrees of premixing
Swirl-stabilised combustion is one of the most widely used techniques for flame stabilisation, uses ranging from gas turbine combustors to pulverised coal-fired power stations. In gas turbines, leanExpand
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