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[The effect of nutritional factors on the ruminal mucosa. 3. Condition of the mucosa after infusion of propionic acid, acetic acid and butyric acid].
The development of hyperkeratosis seemed to be favoured if low pH values occurred in the rumen in combination with small amounts of metabolites inducing proliferation, both representing synergistic factors. Expand
Fertilization of bovine oocytes in vitro: Effect of different sources of gametes on fertilization rate and frequency of fertilization anomalies
A higher fertilization rate of eggs fertilized by epididymal spermatozoa resulted in higher incidence of fertilization anomalies (32.6%) as compared to 5.4% in eggs fertilization by ejaculated spermatozosa. Expand
Influence of hardening of the zona pellucida on in vitro fertilization of bovine oocytes.
It can be concluded that hardening of the zona pellucida distinctly influences the fertilizability of oocytes and should be taken into account when considering the source of oocyte or the kind of treatment for in vitro fertilization. Expand
[Studies of the influence of nutritional factors on the ruminal mucosa. 1. Structure and functional state of the ruminal mucosa after feeding of extreme rations and abrupt change in nutrition].
Different rations were used in successive experimental periods (Dried green feeds (I), fresh green feed from sugar beet tops (II), concentrates (III, IV), and maize silage (V), to test the effectExpand
[Studies on the effect of nutritional factors on the rumen mucosa. 2. Report. Morphological conditions after feeding with fattening rations in various physical forms].
The unfavourable morphological state of the ruminal mucosa in animals of group III was associated with a reduced rate of daily weight gains and increased food consumption. Expand
Serological detection of early pregnancy in cattle and partial characterization of a serum glycoprotein associated with early pregnancy.
Close relation of this early pregnancy associated protein (EPAP) to the early pregnancy factor is supposed because of its characteristics and its ability to affect cellular immunity. Expand
[The effect of granulosa cells on maturation, fertilization and cleavage in vitro].
Addition of granulosa cells (GC) affected maturation of non-ovulatory oocytes of cattle and caused delay in nuclear maturation and in vitro use of pre-incubated GC in the process of maturation led to higher rates of fertilisation. Expand