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A fluorescent natural product for ultra sensitive detection of proteins in one‐dimensional and two‐dimensional gel electrophoresis
Lightning Fast is a sensitive fluorescence‐based stain for detecting proteins in one‐dimensional and two‐dimensional polyacrylamide electrophoresis gels. It contains the fluorophore epicocconone fromExpand
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A gloverin-like antibacterial protein is synthesized in Helicoverpa armigera following bacterial challenge.
A bacteria inducible antibacterial protein, P2, was isolated from the old world bollworm Helicoverpa armigera. Fifth-instar larvae were injected with live Escherichia coli NCTC 8196. P2 was isolatedExpand
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Antimicrobial mode of action of secretions from the metapleural gland of Myrmecia gulosa (Australian bull ant).
Secretions from exocrine metapleural glands of Myrmecia gulosa (Australian bull ant) exhibit broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. Treatment of the yeast Candida albicans with metapleural secretionExpand
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Quality, not quantity: the role of natural products and chemical proteomics in modern drug discovery.
Chemical genetics and reverse chemical genetics parallel classical genetics but target genes at the protein level and have proven useful in recent years for screening combinatorial libraries forExpand
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Rapid screening of the antimicrobial activity of extracts and natural products.
A spectrophotometric method has been developed for the rapid measurement of the antimicrobial activity of natural products, including crude extracts or pure materials. The assay depends on theExpand
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Fluoroprofile, a fluorescence‐based assay for rapid and sensitive quantitation of proteins in solution
The development of a sensitive fluorescence‐based assay for the quantitative determination of protein concentration is described. The assay is based on the natural product epicocconone, whichExpand
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Epicocconone, a novel fluorescent compound from the fungus epicoccumnigrum.
Epicocconone represents a new class of natural fluorescent probes based on a polyketide skeleton isolated from the fungus Epicoccum nigrum. Epicocconone is a small, cell permeable natural productExpand
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Chemical Ecology of the Nudibranchs
The fact that nudibranchs often contain interesting natural products has been known for over a decade. These natural products were quickly recognized as defensive agents usually sequestered fromExpand
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Mass spectral compatibility of four proteomics stains.
With the recent introduction of new fluorescence stains to the proteomics market, there is now more choice available. SYPRO Ruby, LavaPurple, Flamingo, and Krypton total protein stains were comparedExpand
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132,173-cyclopheophorbide enol, the first porphyrin isolated from a sponge
Abstract 132,173-Cyclopheophorbide enol (1) a non-metalated chlorophyll A derivative has been isolated from Darwinella oxeata (Bergquist) and its structure determined by physical and X-rayExpand
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