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VALIS: an evolutionary classification algorithm
VALIS is an effective and robust classification algorithm with a focus on understandability. Expand
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Phase transitions in ensembles of solitons induced by an optical pumping or a strong electric field
The latest trend in studies of modern electronically and/or optically active materials is to provoke phase transformations induced by high electric fields or by short (femtosecond) powerful opticalExpand
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Phase transitions and pattern formation in ensembles of phase-amplitude solitons in quasi-one-dimensional electronic systems.
Most common types of symmetry breaking in quasi-one-dimensional electronic systems possess a combined manifold of states degenerate with respect to both the phase θ and the amplitude A sign of theExpand
Crystalline droplets with emergent color charge in many-body systems with sign-changing interactions
We introduce a novel type of self-bound droplet which carries an emergent color charge. We consider a system of particles hopping on a lattice and interacting via a commensurately sign-changingExpand
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Disorder-free localization in an interacting two-dimensional lattice gauge theory
Disorder-free localization has been recently introduced as a mechanism for ergodicity breaking in low-dimensional homogeneous lattice gauge theories caused by local constraints imposed by gaugeExpand
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