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Phosphorus transport through subsurface drainage and surface runoff from a flat watershed in east central Illinois, USA.
A long-term water quality monitoring program was established to evaluate the effects of agricultural management practices on water quality in the Little Vermilion River (LVR) watershed, IL. ThisExpand
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Overland and near-surface transport of Cryptosporidium parvum from vegetated and nonvegetated surfaces.
Understanding microbial pathogen transport patterns in overland flow is important for developing best management practices for limiting microbial transport to water resources. Knowledge about theExpand
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Soil loss predictions with three erosion simulation models
In this study, three soil erosion prediction models — the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP), the ErosION Productivity Impact Calculator (EPIC), and the Areal Nonpoint Source Watershed Environment Response Simulation (ANSWERS) were used for simulating soil loss and testing the capability of the models in predicting soil losses. Expand
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Subsurface water quality from a flat tile-drained watershed in Illinois, USA
Abstract Subsurface drainage is a common practice in many agricultural watersheds in the Mid-Western region of the United States. A typical drainage system in east central Illinois is not spaced in aExpand
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Climate Change Impacts on Flow, Sediment and Nutrient Export in a Great Lakes Watershed Using SWAT
This study aims at understanding the impacts of projected climate change on the hydrological processes within the Maumee River watershed (16 395 km2) lying in the Lake Erie Basin using soil and waterExpand
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Effect of Water-table Management Practices on the Transport of Nitrate-N to Shallow Groundwater
Field experiments were conducted for three years (1989-91) at the research farms of Iowa State University near Ames and Ankeny to evaluate water-table management (WTM) effects on groundwater quality.Expand
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Subsurface Drainage and Water Quality: The Illinois Experience
Drainage of excess water from agricultural lands is essential for crop growth. In the Midwestern U.S., Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin are some of theExpand
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Spatiotemporal scaling of hydrological and agrochemical export dynamics in a tile-drained Midwestern watershed
[1] Conceptualizing catchments as physicochemical filters is an appealing way to link streamflow discharge and concentration time series to hydrological and biogeochemical processing in hillslopesExpand
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Field evaluation of vegetative filter effectiveness and runoff quality from unstocked feedlots
ABSTRACT: Smaller beef cattle feedlots—less than 1,000 head—are often used for only a part of each year, but little is known about the pollution potential caused by feedlot residual manure whenExpand
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Overland and Near-surface Transport of Cryptosporidium parvum
The use of vegetative filter strips (VFS) has been identified as a best management practice to help control the movement of agricultural pollutants into water sources. Even though VFS are effectiveExpand
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