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Parametric localization of distributed sources
In this paper, we consider situations where the sources are distributed in space with a parametric angular cross-correlation kernel and propose an algorithm that estimates the parameters of this model using a generalization of the MUSIC algorithm. Expand
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Bit loading with BER-constraint for multicarrier systems
We present discrete adaptive bit loading algorithms for multicarrier systems with uniform (nonadaptive) power allocation operating in a frequency selective fading environment. Expand
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The computation of line spectral frequencies using Chebyshev polynomials
Line spectral frequencies provide an alternate parameterization of the analysis and synthesis filters used in linear predictive coding (LPC) of speech. Expand
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Wideband array processing using a two-sided correlation transformation
A new method for broadband array processing is proposed. The method is based on unitary transformation of the signal subspaces. We apply a two-sided transformation on the correlation matrices of theExpand
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Partial-Response Signaling
This paper presents a unified study of partial-response signaling (PRS) systems and extends previous work on the comparison of PRS schemes using speed tolerance, minimum eye width, and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) degradation. Expand
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Speech/music discrimination for multimedia applications
We present our results of combining the line spectral frequencies (LSFs) and zero crossing-based features for frame-level narrowband speech/music discrimination. Expand
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Localization of wideband signals using least-squares and total least-squares approaches
In this paper, we introduce a new focusing technique for localization of wideband signals based on a modification to the TLS (MTLS). Expand
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Pitch prediction filters in speech coding
Prediction error filters which combine short-time prediction (formant prediction) with long- time prediction (pitch prediction) in a cascade connection are examined. Expand
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An information theoretic approach to source enumeration in array signal processing
  • S. Valaee, P. Kabal
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
  • 1 May 2004
In this paper, a new information theoretic algorithm is proposed for signal enumeration in array processing. Expand
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Mel-frequency cepstral coefficient-based bandwidth extension of narrowband speech
We present a novel MFCC-based scheme for the BandwidthExtension (BWE) of narrowband speech. Expand
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