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Factors influencing pre-stroke and post-stroke quality of life among stroke survivors in a lower middle-income country
Quality of life (QOL) reflects the individual’s perception of the position within living contexts. This study was done to describe pre- and post-stroke QOLs of stroke survivors. A prospectiveExpand
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Effectiveness of targeting fathers for breastfeeding promotion: systematic review and meta-analysis
BackgroundFurther research gaps exist in relation to the promotion of breastfeeding. Robust scientific evidence obtained by a meta-analysis would provide objectively summarized data while enablingExpand
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Pre-event quality of life and its influence on the post-event quality of life among patients with ST elevation and non-ST elevation myocardial infarctions of a premier province of Sri Lanka
BackgroundPre-event Quality of Life (QOL) reflects the true social circumstances in which people live prior to the onset of myocardial infarctions. It is believed to be a predictor of the post-eventExpand
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Financial burden of survivors of medically-managed myocardial infarction and its association with selected social determinants and quality of life in a lower middle income country
BackgroundBurden from ischemic heart disease is rising in Sri Lanka due to the demographic and epidemiological transitions. Documented literature is scarce on quality of life, financial burden andExpand
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Ultrasonographic length of morphologically-normal kidneys in children presented to a premier tertiary healthcare setting of Sri Lanka
BackgroundAccurate prediction of reference ranges of renal lengths facilitates clinical decision making. Currently a single renal-length-reference chart is used for both kidneys, which is solelyExpand
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Construct validity and reliability of EQ-5D-3L for stroke survivors in a lower middle income setting
Introduction Stroke is a leading disease accounting for burden of chronic NCDs especially in lower and lower-middle income (LMI) settings. Quality of Life (QOL) is considered as an important facet ofExpand
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Knowledge on fever and its associated factors among the parents of the children who were treated as cases of dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever in a tertiary care setting of a lower middle
Pasyodun Koralage Buddhika Mahesh, Suriyakumara Mahendra Arnold, Moraendage Wasantha Gunathunga, Alagiah Lathaharan, Atapattu Mudiyanselage Nalin Ariyarathne, Nimalka Pannilahetti Office of RegionalExpand
'A world without man-made pollution' - lessons learnt from COVID-19 and sustaining the pollution decline for the sake of future generations
Highlights l Environmental pollution is associated with a higher disease burden. l Children are more susceptible to the ill effects of environmental pollution. l There has been eye-opening evidenceExpand
Validity and internal consistency of EQ-5D-3L quality of life tool among pre-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease in Sri Lanka, a lower middle-income country
Objective EQ-5D-3L is a generic QOL tool used mainly in economic evaluations. Burden of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is rising in Sri Lanka. Assessing the validity of generic QOL tools creates newExpand
Study on level of control of bronchial asthma in a peripheral paediatric unit in Sri Lanka
Objectives: To describe the level of control of asthma and the factors associated with poorly controlled asthma in children registered at the Paediatric Clinic at Base Hospital, Kanthale in theExpand