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Enzootic Ataxia in Louisiana Goat Kids
dence of change in clinical per-deficient animals. This report describes enzootic ataxia status and no changes were seen. At approximately 4 months in 3 goat kids from a small Louisiana goat herd. ofExpand
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Performance indicators in the public sector
Acknowledgements - Preface - Introduction - The Health Sector - Local Government - Secondary Schools - Higher Education - Nationalized Industries - Conclusion - Bibliography - Index
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Copper toxicosis in cattle fed chicken litter.
Cattle from 2 herds developed copper toxicosis after the ingestion of chicken litter. The affected animals were adult Holstein cows and crossbred steers that ate 9 to 16 kg of litter/day. TheseExpand
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Brunfelsia pauciflora ("yesterday, to-day and tomorrow") poisoning in a dog.
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The Health Sector
The NHS, under the umbrella of the DHSS, is the organisation which throughout the postwar period has employed performance indicators most extensively. As Table 2.1 illustrates, the collection andExpand
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The economics of information technology
List of Illustrations - List of Figures - List of Tables - Glossary - Acknowledgements - Preface - Introduction - Background to the IT Race - The Japanese Challenge - The American Response - TheExpand
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Comparison of the effects of Sesbania drummondii on the hepatic microsomal monooxygenase systems of chickens and rats.
Sesbania drummondii, a toxic leguminous shrub found throughout the southeastern United States, induces different responses in chicken vs rat hepatic microsomal monooxygenase systems. Groups of 4- toExpand
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The British Response
The initiative for the British Fifth Generation Computer Project came from a small group of computer science academics. Early in 1981, on learning of the dangerous threat presented by the imminentExpand
The Labour Party
The 1983 general election had humiliated Labour. After a disastrous campaign the party achieved its lowest share of the vote since 1918. Despite all the economic failures since 1979, theExpand
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Retrospect and Prospect
In the end each side was relieved not to have done worse. The Conservatives had a clear margin of victory in votes and in seats. The Labour party had beaten Mr Kinnock’s early announced target ofExpand