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Poor outcomes in patients with cirrhosis and Corona Virus Disease-19
COVID-19 is associated with poor outcomes in patients with cirrhosis, with worst survival rates in ACLF, and Requirement of mechanical ventilation independently predicted mortality. Expand
Pyomyositis Complicated by Deep Venous Thrombosis - A Unique Case of Reverse Lemierre's Syndrome.
The case of a young individual who presented with fever and swelling of right upper and lower limbs for 3 weeks and developed shortness of breath and decreased urine output highlights the importance of considering this diagnosis in a similar setting and not to ascribe every case of respiratory failure in a background of DVT to be due to PTE. Expand
Hydroxychloroquine Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Among Healthcare Workers: Initial Experience from India
HCQ chemoprophylaxis may decrease COVID-19 incidence; randomized controlled trial is required to validate findings. Expand
Tuberculosis masquerading as metastasis in liver: a rare and an unusual presentation
An unusual case, which was provisionally labelled as malignancy, due to isolated liver and spleen involvement but on evaluation turned out to be tuberculosis, which got cured with 6 months of anti-tubercular therapy. Expand
Chikungunya Fever Presenting as Life Threatening Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura.
It is well known for Chikungunya fever to present as myriad of skin rash along with usual joint pain and fever, but probably this is the first case report of Chikungunya fever presenting as severeExpand
Psychological health of caregivers of individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A cross-sectional comparative study
Introduction: The quality-of-life in individuals with diabetes is also dependent upon the quality of family relationships and general well-being of caregivers because the patient depends on them toExpand
An Unusual Sequelae of Uncomplicated Vivax Malaria.
Case of a 62-yrs-old male presenting with recurrent generalized seizures following adequately treated vivax malaria is reported, peculiar in this report. Expand
Treatment Outcomes Associated with Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis
The modest cure rate in concordance with other Indian studies highlights the need for continuing efforts to fight the menace of MDR-TB. Expand
Novel Risk Factors for Coronavirus Disease-Associated Mucormycosis (CAM): A Case Control Study During the Outbreak in India
CAM is strongly associated with diabetes, poor glycaemic control, and systemic steroid use, and novel risk factors identified in this study include prolonged use of cloth and surgical masks vis-a-vis N95 masks, and repeated nasopharyngeal swab testing. Expand
Two cases of Osteoarticular Mucor menace: A diagnostic and management conundrum.
Two cases of osteoarticular mucormycosis of pelvis and long bones of the lower limb are presented, one in a patient with burn injury and other in a patients with chronic granulomatous disease, hitherto a rarely reported association. Expand